FGT History

FirstGuard Technologies grew out of the desire by George Mason University faculty and administrators to commercialize some of the wide array of patents and new technologies being developed at the University. In 2010, FirstGuard Technologies Corporation (FGT) was founded to commercialize selected intellectual properties developed at George Mason University.

In that year, George Mason University President Allen Merten asked FirstGuard co-founder Jim Wolfe Entrepreneur in Residence at Mason's School of Business - to screen and select intellectual property owned by the University that might be valuable in commercial markets. From that early challenge, FirstGuard Technologies was born. The first technology selected for development is based upon patents developed by Mason Professor of Electrical Engineering, Dr. Kenneth J. Hintz, in the area of sniper and landmine detection.

The near-term mission of FirstGuard is to produce pre-shot weapons detection and landmine detection systems for sale in both commercial and Government markets. The long-term mission of FGT is to fully the pre-shot weapons detection and landmine detection, and then to expand into other new technologies that will serve to protect our protectors and to enhance security for the people they guard. The company plans to commercialize additional technologies in the future, from those developed by researchers located at Mason as well as other leading research institutions.