MATLAB and Simulink Training from FirstGuard Technologies

FirstGuard’s mission to develop new technology products and services includes expert training for engineers – in the programs and tools that support their work. For 2015, we are offering introductory and advanced level courses in Simulink 3D animation, taught by FirstGuard Senior Engineer, Edward J. Mayhew, who is a worldwide expert in the field.

Simulink 3D Training Overview

Simulink 3D Animation offers professional developers of MathWorks products the ability to create state-of-the-art 3D video game quality animations which are fully integrated to their MATLAB-based or Simulink-based applications. Simulink 3D Animation is the only MathWorks software product devoted to 3D animation. This series of courses helps you get the most out of your Simulink 3D animation license. They will give you the skills to seamlessly integrate high-resolution virtual reality environments with MATLAB-based and Simulink-based applications and to develop unique and highly effective way to visualize and analyze data processed by MATLAB-based and Simulink-based applications.

Course Offerings

These highly interactive courses cover the basics of working with SL3D products as well as advanced techniques in specialized application areas. All courses are taught by renown MATLAB and Simulink Instructor, Edward J. Mayhew [Instructor Bio] at George Mason University’s campus near Dulles Airport in Sterling, Virginia [Venue Information].

Course 1 – Introduction to SL3D (1 day) [Course 1 Information & Registration]

Course 2 – SL3D: Terrain (2 days) [Course 2 Information & Registration]

Course 3 – SL3D: Urban Environments (2 days) [Course 3 Information & Registration]

Course 4 – SL3D: Post-Flight Data Visualization (coming soon) [Course Preview]

Course 5 – SL3D: Sensor Data Visualization (coming soon) [Course Preview]

Course 6 – SL3D: Radar Visualization (coming soon) [Course Preview]

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